Is there a place for Coloured Culture in the New South Africa?

– Jazz and other Music: Jonathan Butler, Bianca Le Grange, Singer Neville Nash, Freddy Arendse and Zamar, Richard Jon Smith, Lionel Petersen, Miracles and Flood

-Medical Doctors include: Dr V L Makenna (my neighbour), Dr Khan, Dr Tim Quan and Dr Green-Thompson, Dr Raymond Campbell and the Fisher brothers: Vincent, Trevor and Dugmore (Puncho).

Actors/Actresses: Ilse Klink (Isidingo), Ingrid Paulus (Vanessa in Sewende Laan), Anthony Speedo Wilson, Charlene Surtie-Richards and Vinette Ebrahim.

-Sports: Again: Bryan Habana, Olympic Athlete Marcelle Winkler, Gogga Adams, Herschelle Gibbs, Vincent “Tantie” Julius, Chester Willims, Athlete Geraldine Pillay, Cricketeer Basi D’Oliveira…

-Television & Radio: Robyn Poole, Liana Africa (see also Actors/Actresses above)  

In Conclusion

After all of this, one might ask, is this not a plea for Racial Segregation and return to Apartheid? Is Robert Pearce not supposed to be a “world global citizen” with his experiences of travelling to Uganda, Ghana, America and the Netherlands? Is he not calling for the establishment of a “Coloured Tribe?”

The answer is yes and no: yes, he is forced by watching the new subtle discrimination against the Original Indigenous people and their new struggles to think that he should provide “bread at home first”, i.e. in Eersterust and to his Family who by the way were Classified as Coloured and no, because he is expected in his profession as a Librarian to lead all people no matter their race, sexual orientation, creed and religious orientation and by virtue of the fact that he is

bound through his bloodline to the  Sothos, Griquas, Malay and Irish and his Children are bound by his bloodline also with the Swazis and Scots from the side of his Wife.

To all our attendees, to the Coloured Auntie on TV, to my Fellow Parishioner at the Catholic Church and especially to the youth I would want you to answer as follows when again confronted with the question: Do you have a culture? Your answer must be, “you must never(neva…), I repeat, never (neva…)  ever (eva….) ask that stupid question gain; eish…be serious….!

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